Revelation, Chapter 2

A study of the Book of Revelation THE SEVEN CHURCHES The Church was born at the Feast of Pentecost, in Jerusalem, and fifty days after the Resurrection. A Church refers to those called out for Christ, also called a congregation. In ancient times called a synagogue, which had nothing to do with Jewish worship as … Continue reading Revelation, Chapter 2

Revelation, Chapter 1

This is a bible study, and part of a series on the book of Revelation. JESUS CHRIST UNVEILED Revelation 1:1 "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" and "to shew unto his servants." It is all about the unveiling of Christ, because God wants to show more about his Son to those who are looking for Him. Those who … Continue reading Revelation, Chapter 1

The Beast in Prophecy

THE BEAST OF ALL BEASTS   JOHN   John tells us about a beast of a political system that will come on earth. One that will encroach on humanity bit by bit, and then attacks to devour it.  It will put its claws in like a bear, and it will rip and tear apart like … Continue reading The Beast in Prophecy

End Times, Israel

Israel plays a major role in the end times. GOD'S INTEGRITY AT STAKE Israel plays a major role in the end times, according to bible prophecy. God has unfinished business with Israel. He made an unconditional covenant with Abraham for land, and He brought them into the promised land. Secondly, He made a conditional covenant … Continue reading End Times, Israel

End Times, the church

The last church that stands. LAST ONE STANDING  The book of Revelation tells us about the last church. A church that is busy with the things of the world, and Jesus Christ is very low on the list.    Jesus gave John 7 letters, addressed to the 7 churches in Asia minor, todays' Turkey. These churches … Continue reading End Times, the church