Revelation, Chapter 3

A study of the book of Revelation This chapter covers the last three of the seven letters to the churches in Asia Minor. Chapter 2 covers the first four of the seven letters. It is about 60 years since Jesus left, and He came to evaluate the Church. SARDIS BACKGROUND The name "sardius" or sardonyx … Continue reading Revelation, Chapter 3

Revelation, Chapter 2

A study of the Book of Revelation THE SEVEN CHURCHES The Church was born at the Feast of Pentecost, in Jerusalem, and fifty days after the Resurrection. A Church refers to those called out for Christ, also called a congregation. In ancient times called a synagogue, which had nothing to do with Jewish worship as … Continue reading Revelation, Chapter 2

End Times, the church

The last church that stands. LAST ONE STANDING  The book of Revelation tells us about the last church. A church that is busy with the things of the world, and Jesus Christ is very low on the list.    Jesus gave John 7 letters, addressed to the 7 churches in Asia minor, todays' Turkey. These churches … Continue reading End Times, the church

The Rapture

  WHAT IS THE RAPTURE "HARPAZO" The Greek word for Rapture is “harpazo”. It means “caught up” or snatched away”. One moment you there, and the next moment you're gone. "We will all be changed in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye." (1 Corinthians 15:51-51) For example, Philip was "harpazo" after he baptised the eunuch. … Continue reading The Rapture

A Biblical Cycle

The cycle in the Bible. THE CYCLE  Did you know there is an astonishing cycle in the Bible? It goes round and round, repeating itself over and over again.   Every cycle starts out on fresh legs, and ends in disaster. That is to say, many times God starts anew, with a remnant. Years later, … Continue reading A Biblical Cycle