The War of Thrones

The King of kings THE WAR  EARTHLY KINGDOM   The Bible tells us about a war, over an earthly Kingdom and its rightful ruler. One day, the triumphant ruler of that Kingdom will sit on the throne in Jerusalem, as the King of all the kings. Matthew 11:12 "From the days of John the Baptist … Continue reading The War of Thrones

Mephibosheth, and you

Mephibosheth who fell into royalty LONG, LONG AGO The story of Mephibosheth is told in the Old Testament. It is spread out over the pages of 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel. It is a story that foreshadowed the New Covenant. It helps us to capture the essence of what a covenant implies to its beneficiaries. … Continue reading Mephibosheth, and you

What about sin?

Are we confessing our sins today? SIN IS SERIOUS   Sin is serious.  In the beginning, Adam and Eve were innocent. When they sin, they became self conscious and tried to cover themselves with fig leaves. God instead, gave them the skin of animals to cover themselves. If humanity ever had a wake up call. … Continue reading What about sin?

Covenant Friend, Jesus

Jesus is our covenant Friend. DESPERATE YOU Jesus is your covenant friend.  The Christian life will wear you out if you don't understand it.  Many Christians are pushing themselves to exhaustion, when the energy of Another should propel them.   TRYING Many Christians are hanging on to the words of self-help books on how to … Continue reading Covenant Friend, Jesus

Crucifixion, prophecy fulfilled

The prophecy of the crucifixion THE CRUCIFIXION PROPHECY Did you know that Jesus' crucifixion was a prophecy fulfilled? Jesus was born to die. He came to lay down His life for us, according to prophecy. See more Prophecy, a solid foundation DAVID It is about 1000 BC. King David wrote a psalm, a prophetic portrait of … Continue reading Crucifixion, prophecy fulfilled