Mephibosheth, and you

Mephibosheth who fell into royalty LONG, LONG AGO The story of Mephibosheth is told in the Old Testament. It is spread out over the pages of 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel. It is a story that foreshadowed the New Covenant. It helps us to capture the essence of what a covenant implies to its beneficiaries. … Continue reading Mephibosheth, and you

Ruth and Naomi

AN AMAZING FRIENDSHIP This is the story of an amazing friendship between two women, one an Israelite, and one a Gentile. Naomi needed her land back, and Ruth needed a husband. They helped each other, and they were both blessed. This is the story of Israel, and the Church.   NAOMI AND RUTH NAOMI Naomi … Continue reading Ruth and Naomi

The Ancient Jewish Wedding

A bride, carried in the air to the groom. ¬†Photo courtesy of Biblical Weddings GALILEAN TRADITION We need to know the Ancient Jewish Wedding, to be able to understand what Jesus meant when He spoke to His disciples. ¬†Specifically, the traditions of the Galilean weddings, because Jesus and his disciples were Jews from Galilea. The … Continue reading The Ancient Jewish Wedding