This is a study of the book of Revelation. The unveiling of Jesus Christ.

Revelation, Chapter 19

Heaven opens up, and Jesus Christ returns to earth, the second coming. The essence of all prophecy unfolds in all its glory, in this moment.

Revelation, Chapter 18

Religious Babylon fell. God is now judging the political- and economical world system.

Revelation, Chapter 17

It is about the destruction of idolatry, the false religion. It is referred to as “the great whore of Babylon.”

Revelation, Chapter 16

The vial judgments is poured out on top of each other. Their is no time for recovery.

Revelation, Chapter 13

Great signs appear in on earth. Two beasts working in tandem.

Revelation, Chapter 12

Great signs appear in heaven with a concealed meaning.

Revelation, Chapter 11

Two witnesses in Jerusalem, and the whole world get to watched.

Revelation, Chapter 10

John is eating a “Little Book” that tastes sweet and bitter.

Revelation, Chapter 9

The three “Woes!” Aliens is visiting earth, and an army is coming.

Revelation, Chapter 8

The first four trumpets are sounded. Destruction of vegetation, the ocean, and fresh water. Followed by darkness.

Revelation, Chapter 7

A parenthesis, after the first six seals is opened. This is the 144,000 witnesses.

Revelation, Chapter 6

The judgments are being kicked off. The seals are open, and the four horses are running.

Revelation, Chapter 5

The big question? Who is worthy to open the Scroll with the Seven Seals?

Revelation, Chapter 3

The seven letters to the seven churches. Chapter 3 covers the last three letters.

Revelation, Chapter 2

The seven letters to the seven churches. Chapter 2 covers the first four letters.

Revelation, Chapter 1

Revelation, the unveiling of Jesus Christ. He who was, who is, and will come again.