Revelation, Chapter 20

We are in Revelation 20 now. The plagues have gone by, the Beast system brought down, and Jesus returned to earth to reign an rule. The Millenial kingdom is here. Note! Once upon a time, Israel was on the verge of going into the promised land, but failed. God stayed faithful, and after 40 years … Read more

Revelation, Chapter 19

THE 2ND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST Revelation 19 is a glorious chapter! Heaven opens up, and Jesus Christ returns to earth, the second coming. The essence of all prophecy unfolds in all its glory, in this moment. God poured out twenty-one plagues on earth. Babylon is in ruin, and now comes the last battle. It … Read more

Revelation, Chapter 18

Revelation 18 is John describing his vision of the fall of a political/commercial Babylon on earth. RELIGION FELL, NOW POLITICS The Babylon of chapter 17 was the religious arm of the Beast system, referred to as “the harlot.” She was associated with the political/commercial system. Yet, was distinctively different. Its judgment falls, most probably, in … Read more

Revelation, Chapter 17

FALSE RELIGION DESTROYED Revelation 17 is all about the destruction of idolatry, the false religious system. It is referred to as “the great whore of Babylon.” BABYLON God declared twice that He will judge Babylon: “Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great.” See Revelation 14:8 and 18:2. And, while the vials were being poured out, God … Read more


IDOLATRY VS ADULTERY Scripture equates spiritual idolatry with adultery. Both makes for impure, and troubled relationships. God calls it detestable, an abomination. And, He detests it! Deuteronomy 7:25 The graven images of their gods shall ye burn with fire: thou shalt not desire the silver or gold that is on them, nor take it unto … Read more