Amidst the pages of the Bible, there are nuggets of information. It will give you a new perspective, or just warms your heart.

Covenant Friend, Jesus

The Christian life will wear you out if you don’t understand it.

Crucifixion, prophecy fulfilled

Did you know that Jesus’ crucifixion was a prophecy fulfilled?

The Blood Feud

The blood feud that is in the middle of world history.

A Biblical Cycle

Did you know there is a cycle in the Bible, and it repeats itself?

The Ancient Jewish Wedding

The ancient Galilean wedding traditions is rich with information for you today, the bride of Christ.

Mephibosheth, and you

The story of Mephiboshet is the story of your royalty.

Ruth and Naomi

This is the story of a beautiful friendship between a Jew and a Gentile.