God’s 7 Appointed Feast Days

God's 7 Appointed Feast Days.

ARTICLE – “Moedim” is the Hebrew word translated into English as “seasons.” So the “moedim” has nothing to do with our summer, winter, etc. No, it refers to the seven appointments God made with His people, which they are keeping to this day.

Meaning of Rapture: 10 Things Every Christian Should Know

Rapture - Art by Pat Marvenko Smith

ARTICLE – The Rapture is the “any moment return of Jesus” for his Church to bring her home. The Greek word for Rapture is “harpazo.” The Bible translates it as “caught up” or “caught away.” It refers to the event when the Church is caught up in the air to be with Jesus.

The Ancient Jewish Wedding New Insights

Customs of an Ancient Jewish Wedding

ARTICLE – The customs of the Ancient Jewish Wedding unveil the coming of Christ. More specifically, the traditions and procedures of the Galilean weddings.
The Bible depicts Jesus in a relationship with the Church. This relationship is the relationship of a Groom and His bride, leading to the marriage of the Lamb one day.

Trusting Bible Prophecy is About Trusting God

Bible Prophecy is Trusting God

ARTICLE – Bible prophecy is a matter of faith, taking God on His word. It is trusting Him that everything He says will come true. It is about what we cannot yet see and believe one day will happen because God said so.
One-third of the Bible is prophecy. It does not exist in the Quran, Book of Mormon, or any other book of wisdom.