Uncovering the Fantastic Story of Mephibosheth

Mephibosheth, uncovered story

ARTICLE – The uncovered story of Mephibosheth is a story of profound truth. It foreshadows the New Covenant and helps us capture what a covenant implies to its beneficiaries. It is the story of two young men, David and Jonathan, and their offspring.

Rapture Controversy New Insights

The controversy around the Rapture

ARTICLE – The Rapture of the Church is a controversial topic among Christians. Some believe in it, and some don’t. The three most discussed controversies on the Rapture are Darby’s theory, whether it is a secret event and the idea of escapism.

Crucifixion, prophecy fulfilled

Prophecy of the crucifixion in the Old Testament.

ARTICLE – Did you know that Jesus’ Crucifixion was not an accidental event but a prophecy foretold and fulfilled? Long before Jesus came, Isaiah and David wrote about it. Jesus was born to lay down His life for us to fulfil this prophecy.

God’s 7 Appointed Feast Days

God's 7 Appointed Feast Days.

ARTICLE – “Moedim” is the Hebrew word translated into English as “seasons.” So the “moedim” has nothing to do with our summer, winter, etc. No, it refers to the seven appointments God made with His people, which they are keeping to this day.