Abortion, human sacrifice

HOODWINKED Is there any connotation between abortion and human sacrifice?   BLOOD   The world is kept in an ongoing fierce debate between those who are pro-choice and those who are pro-life. But, this is the "Hagelian dialect" of thesis and anti-thesis to bring the desired synthesis along. Let me explain, it does not matter … Continue reading Abortion, human sacrifice

The Rapture

  WHAT IS THE RAPTURE "HARPAZO" The Greek word for Rapture is “harpazo”. It means “caught up” or snatched away”. One moment you there, and the next moment you're gone. "We will all be changed in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye." (1 Corinthians 15:51-51) For example, Philip was "harpazo" after he baptised the eunuch. … Continue reading The Rapture

A Biblical Cycle

The cycle in the Bible. THE CYCLE  Did you know there is an astonishing cycle in the Bible? It goes round and round, repeating itself over and over again.   Every cycle starts out on fresh legs, and ends in disaster. That is to say, many times God starts anew, with a remnant. Years later, … Continue reading A Biblical Cycle

The Ancient Jewish Wedding

A bride, carried in the air to the groom.  Photo courtesy of Biblical Weddings GALILEAN TRADITION We need to know the Ancient Jewish Wedding, to be able to understand what Jesus meant when He spoke to His disciples.  Specifically, the traditions of the Galilean weddings, because Jesus and his disciples were Jews from Galilea. The … Continue reading The Ancient Jewish Wedding

Prophecy, a solid foundation

Bible prophecy stands on a solid foundation. ONLY GOD CAN Bible prophecy is a solid foundation for our faith in the one true God.   Israel was turning to other gods, and it grieved God. In the book of Isaiah, God is making a case for himself. He is saying the only way to know … Continue reading Prophecy, a solid foundation