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About Louise

Hey there!


I am Louise Krüger, an introvert who enjoys pondering and getting lost in deep things.


I am not a theologian, but I enjoy reading and studying the work of scholars who know much more than I do. As time passed, details merged to form an understanding that had previously eluded me to help me gain insight into Scripture. 


When we can see something, we are responsible for sharing it with others. I felt compelled to find a way to communicate.

Though I came from a Christian family and took like a duck to water, making faith my own was a process, and growing in faith, hope, and love was a slow process. 


Since I was curious, I soon started travelling and living in Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong and the UK. Subsequently, describing what I saw was quite challenging, which I could only overcome by using analogies, drawings, and whatever I could use to reach my goal.


The day the pages of Revelation unfurled before me, I can remember it vividly. It was an aha! moment for me, and I transitioned from fearful to awe, which was nothing short of marvellous. I embarked on starting this blog, “Bible and Revelation” while maintaining a full-time role as a gemologist.


It is the best thing ever! I have an outlet for my excitement, and I can keep in touch with all the wonderful people I have met and prayed with worldwide. 


Whether you are a “baby Christian” or an established Christian, I invite you to join us here online. A place to love, inspire, encourage, and growing in faith.

Matthew 18:20

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”


My idea of time-out is writing and creating content to help others flourish in their walk with the Lord. I am so grateful for this platform to share my content with you. One of my latest projects was to design three Christian Coloring Books for the whole family. See Christian Books and Gifts.

Please email me if you want to contact me or have any queries. I would love to hear from you. See Contact.


And now, explore, enjoy and comment as you see fit. 


May God bless you and your family richly.


Warmest Regards